4 exercises to reduce facial fat!

fat first and foremost in their face. As a result, the face looks heavy, the cheeks swell, especially the fat near the chin. This problem cannot be solved even with makeup. Exercise is the easiest, safest and probably the only way to reduce facial fat .

4 exercises to reduce facial fat!

Exercise to reduce facial fat

There is no need to change the practice of aerobics or yoga. In addition to reducing body fat to reduce facial fat, you can get the results a little faster by doing some exercises separately for the face along with regular exercises. Let's take a look at some facial exercises!

Tips to reduce facial fat 

1) Eye fat 

With both eyes closed, place your fingers on the eyelids. Now try to lower the eyelids and at the same time try to raise the eyebrows. Doing this exercise for 5 minutes every day will tone your forehead. If fat accumulates in the face of many, fat also accumulates under the eyes. And so to reduce eye fat, close both eyes and relax. Now with both eyes closed, lift the eyeball up and lower it. Do this exercise for 10 minutes every day . Then try to raise the eyebrows as high as possible with the eyes closed. Do not open your eyes while doing the exercise. Then relax for 10 minutes. Do this exercise for 10 minutes every day.

2) Reduce swelling of the cheeks 

Insert your finger in your mouth and suck as hard as you can and keep counting till 10 , then take out your finger. If you do this exercise regularly 10 times a day , the swelling of the cheeks will be reduced a lot and the heavy feeling of the face will also be reduced.

3) Neck and neck fat 

Gently tilt your head back and forth until you feel pressure on your neck. Now you try to move your jaw once from right to left, again from left to right and when it is done 5 times, relax gently. Doing this exercise 5 times a day will tone your neck and neck muscles.

4) To reduce the fat in the chin

Yes. Try to open your mouth as much as possible until you feel pressure on the cheeks, lips and chin. Then count to 10 and relax. 5 minutes every dayDo this exercise forThis will tone the muscles of the face, increase blood circulation and reduce excess fat.

If you know how to reduce facial fat! You don't have to spend a lot of time trying to reduce facial fat like fat in other parts of the body. You can do these facial fat reduction exercises anytime, anywhere in the day. But start today! Reduce excess fat and get back that sweet Maya in your face!

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