A natural way to reduce headaches

Although we don't pay much attention to headaches as a disease, it is a very annoying thing in our daily life. People of almost all ages, from young to old, often suffer from headaches for various reasons. Many people suffer from migraine problems again. Headaches are usually caused by a lack of adequate sleep, fatigue, anxiety, migraines, etc. This type of headache starts suddenly and can last for 3-4 days. Many people seek medical advice to reduce headaches, while others take different types of painkillers. But you know what? It is possible to get rid of this headache problem by using some natural methods very easily. Let's find out about natural ways to reduce headaches.

reduce headaches

Ginger and ginger tea

Ginger has no equal in relieving or reducing headaches. Because the extract contains 'prostaglandin synthesis' which is a type of aspirin. Which is used to make painkillers. So when the headache starts, start chewing with a little ginger in your mouth. This will reduce your headaches very quickly. Boil a cup of water well with it, add a little ginger and boil it. Ginger tea can be drunk with a little honey with this mixture. This will also reduce the headache quickly.

Drink water

Sometimes a sip of water also helps to cure your headache in no time. The pain gradually subsides as our body gradually becomes moist.


There is no comparison to lemon to make instant headaches better. As soon as the pain starts, if you mix a small amount of lemon with hot water, the headache will go away quickly. Again, if you make a lemon paste and apply it on the forehead, the headache will be reduced a lot and you can also drink a cup of lemon tea.


Heat some cloves well on a pan. Smell the hot cloves in a handkerchief for a minute and see if the headache subsides in a short time. 

Eat sweet pumpkin seeds

Another natural ingredient to get rid of headaches very quickly is sweet pumpkin seeds. Because sweet pumpkin seeds contain a lot of magnesium sulfate , which is much more effective in relieving our headaches.

Make it a habit to eat nuts

Sometimes the headaches start due to the change of weather or dust, and sometimes the headaches also start due to extreme stress. Chew a handful of walnuts well to relieve this type of pain. Almonds contain a lot of salicin which is very effective in relieving headaches and cures headaches quickly.

Drink leaves

Betel leaves contain naturally cooling ingredients, which play an effective role in reducing instant headaches. As a home remedy for headaches, take a few fresh looking betel leaves and apply it on the forehead. In the next half hour it will greatly reduce your headaches.


There are many types of ice bags available in the market. Fill an ice bag with ice and hold it on the top of the head, that is, on the palm of the head for a while. You will see that the headache is being relieved very quickly. However, those who have a problem with catching cold, please do not follow this method.

Salted apples

If the pain is excessive then you can try this home remedy. You can chew a piece of apple with a little salt. This will help you to get rid of the pain quickly. 


Another effective way to treat headaches is to massage peppermint well on the forehead, as well as a small amount of peppermint on the neck. Try it this way, the headaches will be reduced a lot.

Get enough sleep

An adult needs an average of six to eight hours of sleep per night. Headaches can start if you have trouble sleeping or not getting enough sleep for any reason. So try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day as a rule so that your headaches will be under control.

Listen to your favorite songs and take a break

Light sound music calms the brain and helps reduce stress. Even if you close your eyes and think of a good burning memory, the depression goes away which helps to reduce the pain.

Listen to the song attentively

Listening to music is the best way to cure headaches as well as make the mind better. According to a study in the Journal of Pain, listening to music can reduce headaches by about 16%. Because when we listen to music attentively, our attention shifts away from headaches, which causes us to forget about headaches a lot of the time. This makes the headache better.

You can also get rid of headaches by following the above methods without any medicine. But if your headache problem is long term, then you must consult a specialist doctor.

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