Happy Birthday Messages, Happy Birthday Status and Messages

Happy Birthday Messages / Looking for Happy Birthday Status to wish your friend? Then this tune is for you. In this tune you will get happy birthday status   and message through which you can wish your friends.

Happy Birthday Messages, Happy Birthday Status
Happy Birthday Messages, Happy Birthday Status

When someone we know has a birthday, we wish them well. We all want the greetings to be beautiful and interesting. Because birthdays come once a year to any human being. And one day, if I can't greet that person nicely, it doesn't look good. So no matter what anyone's birthday is, we should greet them in a very nice way. By doing this the person will remember the happy birthday message .

You will find many happy birthday status in this tune. You choose the one you like and greet your loved one.

Happy Birthday

Below are some awesome birthday wishes status. These are very common and common birthday status. We hope you enjoy the message.

  • Sometimes I think your birthday should be declared a national holiday. After all, you are our national asset. Until then, we wish you a happy birthday.
  • Today, on this day, let everything be new, let the memories of happiness remain, let the sorrows go away. Happy birthday
  • The king has a lot of wealth, I have a beautiful mind, birds have a small nest, I have a hope in my mind, I will give you love, happy birthday.
  • Today is your birthday, may life be your color, may happiness not fade away, may sorrow never come, happy birthday.
  • A for I want to say B for C for D for great E for a F for crack G for secret::: H for Happy Birthday!
  • I pray for you 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of happiness, 365 days of success, 60 hours of good health, and 52600 min of good luck! Happy Birthday!
  • A new morning, a new day, a new beginning, which does not seem to end. I sent you this SMS with many happy birthday wishes! Happy Birthday!
  • Car Saturday is my favorite day Car Sunday is my only favorite day for your birthday! Happy Birthday!
  • This day comes back again and again, as if I can dream a lot, I am surrounded by you. Happy Birthday!
  • Another year has come and gone and another candle will grow. Happy Birthday!
  • Good night, good day, your birthday is coming up, what can I give you on your birthday, there is nothing but a bouquet of roses and a book of love that is my happy birthday.
  • I have been waiting for this day for a year now because on this special day the Creator has sent you to the world specially for me. Happy Birthday.
  • Love for you, the goal is to burn roses, you will be in my heart in the crowd of a thousand people. Happy Birthday!
  • May the most beautiful life in this beautiful world be your fulfillment, may every dream, every hope be your fulfillment, live a thousand years. ..Happy birthday ..
  • On this special day, become more fresh, I wish you a happy birthday!

  • Today the fragrance is soft in the air, the birds are singing in rows, the nature is swaying and colorful, the flowers are all blooming in the garden, today is the birthday of my dearest person… Happy Birthday !!!
  • New morning, new day, new beginning, which never seems to end. Happy birthday to you.
  • Some words remain unspoken, some feelings remain in the mind, some memories of love silently cry. Just forget all this day, happy birthday big brother !!
  • Happy Happy Happy Day, today is your birthday. Your bright smile on your face, flowers are blooming. As a rose smiles among a thousand flowers, so your life floats in the sea of ​​happiness.
  • Today is your birthday, may your life be colorful. Happiness should not disappear, sorrow should never come.
  • Happy birthday to you at the end of the day, but I'm just thinking about you all day. ** Happy Birthday **
  • The sweet light flickers on the green grass, the flower buds shake their heads and smile as they are soft. A magical smoke in the song environment of birds, they got the touch of your happy birthday.
  • Be as bright as the sun, be as fast as the sea. Be generous like the sky, and be merry like the waves.
  • The waves of the sea, the fragrance of flowers and the stars of the night - all gathered to wish you a happy birthday.
  • Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday
  • From morning to evening, may your birthday be bright, happy birthday.
  • Despite all the arguments, misunderstandings, you are the dearest person in my life! Happy Birthday Lots of lots of love.

  • May the most beautiful life be in this beautiful world, may every dream come true, may every hope live a thousand years !!
  • Today is his birthday. May you always be like this, brother. May God's blessings always keep you on the right path. Happy Birthday brother.
  • Happy Birthday to someone whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook reminder!
  • Good moment, good day. Remember forever. Put away the troubles, fulfill the dreams, see new good dreams, remember me. Happy birthday
  • Look outside and see what a beautiful environment! The sun is smiling for you, the trees are dancing, the birds are singing… because I told everyone to say goodbye! Happy birthday
  • May every day be full of joy like birthday! Enjoy this day to the fullest… Happy Birthday!
  • New morning, new day, new beginning, which never seems to end. Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday
  • Congratulations on a great day! Good luck on the way; I hope the next life will be happy. Enjoy today. Happy Birthday!
  • Love for Tar, the goal is Rose Jui, my crowd of thousands, you will be in my heart. Happy Birthday!
  • May your life be filled with the gift of so many heavenly blessings when you yourself are such a great gift to the earth, you surely deserve the best gift on earth. ..Happy birthday ..
  • Thank you all so much for making this special day of my life so special. It was the best birthday of my life so far.
  • Warm birthday wishes to the brightest and funniest man I know! All around you are illuminated by a smile. Take a lot of love
  • Happy Birthday. Write the story of your life in your own hand. Just keep in mind that there should be a balance between imagination and reality.

  • Birthdays come and go, everyone grows up one more year. The gifts are open. হয় is discarded. But I want this wish to be with you forever. Happy Birthday
  • Life cannot be imitated like a fingerprint. So try to leave a beautiful impression with it. Don't waste a moment, because there is no time off, there is no end to dreams and there are no stops in life. I wish you a happy new dream.
  • Enjoy this beautiful day of life with family and friends, loved ones. Have a happy birthday.
  • Before I touch the 12 o'clock on the clock, let me tell you that the age has increased by one more year!
  • A prayer to make your day happy A wish to make your day colorful Happy many stay in your way Happy Birthday to you!
  • If a coworker becomes your friend and you die, the biggest advantage is that I never have to pretend to be something I can always be!
  • Growing up with a lively friend like you is the best time of my life ধ thank you for making life colorful!
  • Today, on this day, let everything be new, let the memories of happiness remain, let the sorrows go away. Don't keep the worn out past and work hard in this new day.
  • I hope you never deviate from the path of truth in the joy of life. Happy Birthday.
  • Some happy birthday status with mom and dad. I hope you like these statuses.

Birthday status for mom

  • Mom, the first love of my life. Today I have become human only for you. I love you so much Thanks mom. I wish you a very happy birthday. May God give you all the happiness in the world.
  • Many happy birthday wishes to the most beloved mother in the world. I will pray to God to fill your whole life with joy. I love you so much mom
  • On this day one of the best fairies in the world was born and later she became my mother. I am very lucky to be your child. Thank you so much for making me human. Happy Birthday Mom.
  • Mom, no one will ever take your place in my heart. I love you so much and I will love you like this for the rest of my life no matter where I am. You are always number one to me. I love you mom. Happy Birthday Mom.
  • Happy birthday mom I want to let you know on this special day that I have no existence without you. I will try my best to keep you happy for the rest of my life. Love you so much

Birthday Status For Dad

  • All the fathers in the world are special, but you are the best. Today, on your birthday, it's your turn to get something from us. Your special day will be celebrated exactly as you wish. Happy Birthday Dad (Birthday SMS).
  • Today, on this birthday, Father, receive a bouquet from us, congratulations and best wishes to heart lovers!
  • I wish you happy birthday, my dad is cute, my good dad! You have been an example of my honor in every way since childhood and there is a good example.
  • I wish you success in every aspect of life, so that the youthful enthusiasm does not go into your mind, I want fatigue to last forever so that you will satisfy us for many years!
  • You have done many things. You raised a boy. I want to congratulate you today. After all, you, my father, are a real man - I tell you, proud and loving.

Happy birthday sms

  • Some more happy birthday status for you. Choose a status of your choice from here.
  • "Stay away from the mountain of failure, talk nonsense, go from cloud to cloud, go on the path of life, you have to go ahead with faith"
  • I wish you the brightness of the distant future of your life, illuminate the world with the light of correct knowledge.
  • "Good luck on your next day always have that little smile on the corner of your mouth, and the people around you become fragrant with that smile."
  • Birthday means knowing how many days I have lived, birthday means how long I will live, it is unknown to everyone, let life go by holding the unknown hand, who knows when life will end with the name of death.
  • I will open my heart if I get a chance to say a story without telling a story of a thousand words.
  • If there is a lunar eclipse in life, if the mind is full of pride, the river of Enona is in two eyes for no reason. *** Happy Birthday ***
  • There are so many stories in the mind, let's write in the mind, the value was arrogance, which was painted in watercolor, endless love, stay in the heart, just keep on walking, meet with life happily.
  • May the centenary be filled with the sweet smile of your face, may your heart be filled with the melody of sweet melody, may sorrow and pain merge with joy filled with joy, may life be enlightened with the fragrance of blossoming flowers.
  • Happy birthday, love of the world, it will reach you, my hope, after this poem you will laugh, maybe who knows the purpose will be successful, if this message brings a little smile on your face.
  • The best time of my life, growing up with a lively friend like you, thank you for making life colorful.

Happy birthday message

  • I was your friend when you walked around naked. When your hair is ripe, I will still be your friend. Happy Birthday Dear Friend
  • Friend, you are one of my family. My life will not go on without you. On this day of your arrival in the world, best wishes from me.
  • But I know! There is less age in your ID card. Shall I tell everyone or your real age? Stay, stay secret, I'll use the time. Happy birthday dude
  • Happy birthday friend I pray that you get a beautiful wife like the executioners.
  • Today will be the party! Don't worry, I'll have a party today for your birthday. But you have to pay the last bill of the party. Happy birthday friend If I start arranging parties then.

Friend's birthday wishes status

  • Your birthday is really how my pocket is empty! That is why I am ending my responsibilities and duties by saying Happy Birthday. Now your responsibility is left. Where's the Birthday Party? Where will we all come from? Everyone means we are all friends.
  • You are so clever! When I met you today, you did not say that today is your birthday! Then I would have collected today's food bill from you. It was frozen. Happy Birthday friend, but submitted!
  • Dude, today is your birthday! Today is really your birthday! Today? Are you sure that today is your birthday! Take a good look at today's date!
  • Dude, I know your real age. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. Happy Birthday dude.
  • Happy Birthday! Eat biryani today! I'll give you a prayer, I'll be a good wife. If the pocket is empty, then I will pray, your wife will be bitter.
  • Dude! Your secret information leaked! Today you are giving a birthday party! I'm telling everyone.
  • You are the soul of my soul, the soul of the soul, the piece of the heart. Don't worry, I won't propose, I will wish you a happy birthday. Happy Birthday
  • Happy Birthday girlfriend. Let your groom be like your mind, and let 10/12 boys and girls give you gifts.
  • You are my friend on the one hand and my brother on the other. So double congratulations to you, double happy birthday.
  • If you have a friend by my side, the difficult road will be easier. I will be by your side all the time, never forget me. Wishing you a beautiful life, happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Brother Status

  • I have no words today to express my feelings for you. Happy Birthday My Love. May all the happiness of this world be filled in your life.
  • Your smile is sweeter than the sweetest cake in the world. Thank you so much for coming into my life. Lots of loving wishes to my sweet lover on this special day of her birthday.
  • I wish you a very happy birthday. I have a lot of love for you on this special day. I promised you I would fulfill all the dreams of your life. Happy Birthday My Love.
  • Today is a very special day for me. Because today is your birthday. Today, on this special day, we wish you all the best and love. That is how I will be with you all my life and protect you from all dangers. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.
  • Today is a good day to tell you that you are a wonderful woman in my life. That has filled my life with love. I promise you I will do everything for your pleasure. Happy birthday my love

Happy Birthday Wish

  • Below are some Happy Birthday Wish. From here, you can copy the whistle of your choice
  • My dear friend, may your special day be full of beautiful, magical and unforgettable moments!
  • Though I don’t talk to you every day but you always remain the deepest core of my heart. Happy Birthday, Sister.
  • I wish nothing but good things on your birthday. May the shine bright for you. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday brother. Thank you for being the best brother in this world. I pray to God that he grants you a long and beautiful life ahead.
  • Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday

Happy birthday message

  • Let's take a look at some happy birthday messages. Through which you can wish your loved one a happy birthday.
  • On this special day, be fresh, I wish you a happy birthday.
  • Good night, good day, your birthday is coming, what can I give you on your birthday, I have nothing but a bouquet of roses and a book of love.
  • May the most beautiful life in this beautiful world be yours, may every dream be fulfilled, may you live for thousands of years. Happy Birthday
  • Happy Birthday to all the funniest people in the world. I wish the coming years to be filled with more joy and excellence.
  • Look outside and see what a beautiful environment !! The sun is smiling for you, the trees are dancing, the birds are singing .. because I told everyone to say goodbye !!

Happy Birthday and Blessings

  • Birthdays come once a year. On this day, Gunijans or elders pray for the person whose birthday it is. Prayer is very important for Muslims. Different people pray for birthdays in different ways. But the least is "live longer" and so on. Some Birthday Wishes and Blessings -
  • In praying to Allah, I always want the people close to me to be good. You are one of those loved ones. Today is your birthday. Happy Birthday to you !!
  • After one more year you. Have a great start to your new year. I pray this. Happy birthday to you.
  • You were born on such a day. May this smile and happiness live on for many more years.

Romantic birthday wishes

  • If you are a person with a romantic personality then you should greet your loved one on his / her birthday with a little romantic birthday status. Here are some romantic birthday wishes. See if you like it!
  • Good luck with your next day trip. Happy Birthday
  • Filled with love. I promise you I will do everything for your pleasure. Happy birthday my love
  • In this way, this smile should be on your face for the rest of your life. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Status Brother Fanny

  • Looking for some fun birthday wishes statuses then these statuses are for you -
  • One day of the year is your birthday. Nita is born every month.
  • Brother, it would have been much better if the birthday had been celebrated throughout the year. Do you know why? I could eat good food every day.
  • Days go by, months go by, years go by I forget my brother's birthday.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some common questions about this article / tune. Let's find out the answers to all these questions and questions.

Can birthday messages be written on greeting cards?

Of course you can. You can copy any status in the tune and write it on the greeting card to the person you want to wish happy birthday to.

Can these statuses be used for greetings other than birthdays?

Not at all. These statuses are for birthday wishes only.

How do I add status to this tune / post?

If you want to add a status / message to this tune, then you have to write the status and comment. Will add to tune / post if standard.

Can I share this tune?

Of course. If you want, you can share this tune with your friends.


This was our tune for Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Birthday Status. Hope you like it. Wish your loved one a happy birthday by copying the status of your choice. Please comment to let us know how you like the statuses published in this tune.

Thank you for visiting and reading the article with us.

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