How to create strong passwords

We are all familiar with the word password. We all know how important the word password is in this online dependent world. So with a strong password you can protect my online account (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo etc.) from unscrupulous people (ha-kar). Due to a weak password, we are at risk of loss anywhere online or offline. So we should always be careful when choosing a password. So in this article we will learn how to create strong passwords as well as what are the important things to keep in mind when choosing a password.

How to create strong passwords

What is a password?

A password is a set of words, letters, numbers, and symbols that are used to identify the correct user and to allow a user to access a specific account after verification. Since passwords verify and confirm the authenticity of a particular person in a particular account, it is very important to keep it confidential. Based on the above discussion we can say that a password is a set of secret words, letters, numbers or symbols that are used to allow the right user to enter. One thing to note for this is that when we type the password somewhere in the place to write the password ******* becomes such a star or dot, so that no one else can see or understand what is written in the password box.

Why is password so important?

We all know why passwords are important to all of us, but we still want to remind you. In most cases, Internet users are not given as much importance as they should in choosing a password. This will result in the loss of your online account due to a mistake in the selection of this password and the transfer of your personal information to others. And you can't imagine that. You can imagine what would happen if someone else got the password for your used Facebook account. You know very well how important and personal your Facebook ID is. Passwords should be given maximum importance for any other account, not just Facebook ID.

Caution in password selection

Before choosing a strong password we need to know what kind of passwords are actually weak, what things or things can never be used as passwords, then it will be very useful for us to create a strong password. Giving any information (your name, mobile number, date of birth, etc.) as a password is more likely to damage our account. Because in this case, unscrupulous people will first try to take control of your account by collecting your personal information and creating their own password with them. Now think about it, what if some of your information is given as a password? So read the following points very carefully and try not to use these as passwords.

Things that can never be used as passwords

  • Name of yourself or any other person in the family
  • Mobile number (own name or someone else's family)
  • Place of birth
  • Date of birth etc.

In a word, to create a strong password, you need to refrain from using your personal information as a password. Try to use different passwords as much as possible, so that no one can guess.

How to create strong passwords

1. Avoid using short passwords. Try to use passwords as long as possible.

2. Create a password with upper and lower case letters (Ex: AlamiN ).

3. Use numbers (AlamiN321) in front, back, or in the middle, not just letters.

4. If you use your name as a password to remember, change it a little without using the name directly. For example, if your name is Asik , then you can change the word A of Ashik with that sign a little bit and add a number or something along with it.

5. Use special characters or different symbols in passwords such as:! # $% & * () Etc. This will make your password much stronger.

6. Some symbols or special characters match many English characters. For example, you can use A = @, S =  as a password.

If you choose the password by following the above, then hopefully your password will be strong enough and will be beyond the reach of unscrupulous people. This will keep your important accounts safe.

Check the password

Now a question may come to your mind, how strong is the password you have created? How do you know this? There are some password checker websites online for this, where you can check how strong your password is.

Click here to check how powerful your password is - Password Checker

Bad habit of using passwords

Even after many people create strong passwords, we make another mistake, which is that we use the same password on different websites which is very dangerous. It is a common assumption that if someone gets the password for one of your accounts, they will try to log in to other accounts with the same password. By doing this, where one of your accounts would have been lost, all other accounts would have been lost. So use different pawsards for different accounts as much as possible.

If you forget the password, use some methods to remember the password. For example, you can associate the name of the site you are accounting with with your original password. This will help you remember your password and make your account much stronger.

Save the password in the browser

Many of us save passwords in our browsers. So that there is no problem to enter the password again to login later. But I think it's a bad habit, because the password saved in the browser is very easy to see. Unbeknownst to you, anyone can see the passwords saved in your browser and damage your account. So refrain from saving passwords in the browser, even if it is a little difficult to login by typing the password.

What to do if you do not remember the password

If you can't remember the password, you can write the password offline. But all this is likely to go into the hands of others. So if possible, try to keep the passwords in your head.

Hopefully, the password tips and tricks will come in handy and you can use these tips to create the right and strong password for your account.

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