How To Delete Gmail Account

If you want to delete a Gmail account, you need to know how to delete a Gmail account. In today's post we will talk about this topic.

How To Delete Gmail Account

Email is a great feature that allows us to send mail to anyone you need to use Gmail.

Gmail is a very good email service provided by Google and it is a very good service.

This is why Gmail is the most widely used Gmail account. A Google Account allows you to access all of Google's products.

They have a lot of users for being such a big and popular product and you are one of them and you also have a Google account or Gmail account.

You must also use Gmail and you must have one or more accounts. If you have more than one account and you want to delete one of them, then today I will tell you how to delete Gmail account.

How to delete Gmail account?

The process of deleting Gmail account is very simple and you can delete Gmail account in less than one minute.

Earlier I told you in a post how to create a Gmail ID.

Now I will tell you how to delete gmail account. After some time of deleting gmail account you can recover that gmail account again.

To delete a Gmail account, you need to follow the steps given in this article.

Go to Google Account

First you need to open your browser where your google account is open then you have to search for google account in the search box.

You will need to open the first result called Google Account

Choose a Google Account

If you have more than one Google Account logged in to your browser, you must select the account you want to delete.

All you have to do is click on your profile

Now you will first see the account that is open and the dashboard of the account you are on.

If you want to delete another account, you can either use that account or log in to that account.

Go to Data & personalization

Now you will see the option named Data & personalization on the left

You click on it.

When you scroll down after clicking, you will see many options.

You will see in them the option to Download, Delete or make a plan for your data

Now you have to choose Delete a service or your account option at the bottom of these three options

Delete a service or your account

Now you will see four options here. You have to choose the second option among them where it will be written Delete your Google Account.

Now you click on the blue text Delete your account.

Enter your password

Before deleting your account here, you need to enter your password so that no one can delete your account against your will.

If you remember your password, enter it, and if you don't remember, click the forgot password option

Delete Account

Now you will see a product list of Gmail, YouTube. After you go down you will get the option of delete account.

But first you have to tick these two boxes then you can delete your account then when you click on delete account then your account will be successfully deleted.

How to recover Gmail account?

If you feel that the wrong account has been deleted by you, or that the account is in use, or that you want to recover that account, you can get that Gmail ID back.

When you delete an account, it is not actually deleted. After deleting, the process of account deletion starts and it takes a few days.

Gmail accounts are usually deleted within days of reading and you can get your account back in the meantime.

To recover Gmail account you just need to login to your account then your account will be recovered and you can delete it again whenever you want.


So friends have been in jail for so long. How to delete gmail account. I hope you will like this article very much. If you like it, you must share this article on your social media.

And if you have any problem in deleting Gmail ID related to this post, you can comment in the comment box below. I will definitely help you. Thank you very much for reading today's post.

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