Top 7 Online Dating Apps - (Best Dating Apps)

Top 6 Online Dating Apps: With the extreme development of internet media and technology, online dating has become very popular in countries like India. 

Top 7 Online Dating Apps - (Best Dating Apps)

These various online dating apps  have brought an unimaginable change in the concept of dating someone. 

The idea of ​​'old-style' traditional dating is almost gone. 

This new way of making love known as smartphone dating app has taken place in the minds of most of the people of Millennials and Generation-G today. 

Apps that anyone can use to make friends or get the person they love the most in their life.

Basically, these dating apps are designed to help single people chat with new people and build happy relationships. 

These apps can connect users with millions of people in and around them, based on their interests and preferences. 

With these apps you can also find people in your local area. 

Some of these apps are free to use, helping to keep long conversations going when meeting single people.

Let's find out now about the top seven dating apps right now -

List of Top 7 Online Dating Apps - (2022)

If you are still single and bored of looking for a partner in real life, this article will help you find your life partner through online dating. 

Because, today we will discuss about the best 6 online dating apps, so that your online dating journey is smooth and fun. 

1. Bumble:

This app is one of the most used dating apps in India. 

It helps you make new friends and beautiful relationships online. 

The female members play the most important role in Bumble. 

And, the most unique feature of this app is that only one woman can start the first conversation when a match is found. 

This means that male members cannot start chatting in this app first. 

And, if a female member does not start chatting within 24 hours of receiving the match request, the request vanishes. 

However, in the case of gay partners, either of the two can start the conversation earlier. 

For this unique feature of the app, it has broken all the stereotypes of Indian society and won the hearts of its users.

The biggest advantage of Bumble is that you won't find any fake profiles here. 

Because, at the time of registration, it only allows the profile to be opened by verifying the user's profile photo. 

And, its privacy policy is highly credible.

Additionally, in order to maintain security and privacy, you can easily unmatch, block or report any of your profile if it looks suspicious.

Special Feature:

  • Its 'spotlight' feature (paid feature) can increase the visibility of your profile up to 20 times by highlighting your profile. 
  • And, this is a free dating app. 
  • It was here that the women first started chatting. 
  • It has three modes - Date, Seed, and BFF. 
  • And, it's completely gender-neutral. 

2. Aisle

This isle dating platform has been designed and built entirely in India with Indian citizens in mind. 

Although, it is a relatively new online dating app; However, many Indians have easily found a good date on this platform. 

This platform is very effective for users who want to have a real connection. 

You can find your favorite date not only from India but also from all over the world.

This dating app connects you to temporary matches based on your mother tongue. 

Registering here is pretty straightforward. 

You can rate your hobbies by 1-10 by adding basic details about your interests and preferences here. 

So, you don't have to type too much here. 

And, if you are lazy about typing, you do not have to work hard to register in this app.

Special Feature:

  • It has a feature called "Desi's", where you can interact with Indians all over the world. 
  • Here you can choose any profile for free from any other city or country. 
  • The user interface of this app is very simple. 

3. OkCupid:

Probably, it is one of the best dating apps in India. 

Matches here are based on user questions and not on pictures.

With this app users can easily find you as a match through their common interest. 

And, the messaging and virtual dating features of this app have made it very popular. 

As you set up your profile, you are asked MCQs about what you think about a particular type of person and specific topic. 

And, based on your preferences and interests, this app chooses who you will connect with the most, and there is a 'Recommended' section for this process.

Also, you can browse matches for free based on your preferred location. 

There are no annoying ads here, so here you will have a pleasant dating experience.

Special Feature:

  • This is a free dating platform. 
  • Annoying users can be easily blocked. 
  • No ads are shown here.

4. Happn:

Happen is a completely unique dating app. 

On the way back and forth, we occasionally crash into a man.

And, this is where the app plays a groundbreaking role. 

It connects you to the people you've met all of a sudden, and you've had a crush on them. 

However, this dating platform has acted as a common dating app due to the declining public outreach during the epidemic. 

However, this special feature has not been discontinued yet. 

This will allow you to secretly like the profile of that walking crash, and if that crash also likes your profile, then the two of you can start chatting. 

Otherwise, if the other person doesn't like your profile, he won't even know about your likes. 

There is also a premium version of this app.

Special Feature:

By sharing your crossing clusters, you can connect with new people, even with people you don't see every day. 

Its unique timeline feature lets you easily find people walking by.

5. Hinge:

This app has a unique structure to express the interests, pictures and preferences of the users. 

By checking the tagline of any user, you can find out about their general interest and then join them.

Even if you are a new user, the app is able to understand your preferences and show consistent results in a very short time. 

There is also a free and a paid subscription. 

And, this app is basically for people who prefer to share their common interest rather than physical appearance.

Special Feature:

  • It has a unique and user-friendly user interface. 
  • Like and comment on any picture and bio. 
  • Featured profiles can be easily separated in the paid version.

6. Tinder:

Tinder is the originator of this whole dating game but now they are far behind in the competition. 

And, it's a dating app that's known to most people in almost every country, and at least once, not once, no one has used it. 

By registering here, you can match a profile by swiping right or by swiping left or delete match request based on your preference. 

Currently, it has created special MCQs for users to know their common interests.

However, the declining popularity of this Tinder is due to the increase in the number of fake profiles. 

And, there is no guarantee of user authentication. 

Nevertheless, this app is still one of the best dating apps in India.

Special Feature:

  • The performance of this dating app is impeccable. 
  • Can be used very easily. 
  • The amount of advertising is much less. 
  • There are both free and premium versions.

7. Grindr:

Grinder is one of the most popular dating apps worldwide, primarily for the LGBTQIA + community. 

This app is very popular in India nowadays. 

Grinder is a dating app that helps you safely find and communicate with the various communities around you. 

Here you can chat with different people, and also search for profiles within your location.

You can also use different filters on your favorite images to make your feed much more interesting 

Special Feature:

  • This app has various subscription packages, such as 'XTRA' and 'Unlimited'. 
  • With this subscription you can easily connect with different people. 
  • With a subscription you will have access to many more chat options and incognito features.


In order to join any of these dating apps, you need to install the specific app and create an interesting profile by adding general information related to your age, gender, hobbies, habits, tastes, interests etc. 

You create a profile in the dating app of your choice, where you can find your soulmate or casual partner. 

Here you can find people of any marital status, sexual orientation. 

Millions of people in different countries across India are now using these apps to find the right partner based on their interests. 

So, we also give you 'Good Luck' so that you too can get your desired life partner!

This is the end of our article today. If you like the article, please comment.

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