What is Barcode - Barcode meaning in English

What is barcode? what is means by bar code, through today's article we are going to get detailed information on this topic.

What is Barcode

The use of barcodes is hugely popular in this digital age. The use of barcodes in business is also very common.

Barcodes look a lot like black-and-white parallel lines. 

And, between those straight lines there are certain hollow parts.

In fact, the question now is, what is this barcode thing and what does it do? 

So, the main point of our practice in this article is what is bar code?

What is Barcode?

In a real sense, this barcode is a visual method of storing information created by machine readable numeric characters. 

Barcodes are made up of a combination of straight lines and spaces. 

Barcodes are a combination of numbers and letters (alphabet) to express the description and price of a product in the form of information.

Since this barcode is only created by the connection of lines and spaces, we also call it two-dimensional code.

Basically, these codes are square or rectangular.  The function of codes is to provide detailed information about an object through code. 

Codes store some information about a product or object and that information can be easily read by a computer.

These types of codes are basically better versions of Morse code. 

We see two-dimensional barcodes in everything from shampoo cases to clothes, biscuit packets and more. 

These bar codes are now deeply involved in our lives.

History Of Barcode:

Inspired by the Morse code, Bernard Silver and Norman Joseph invented the barcode in 1947. 

The lines of Morse code are made up of a combination of narrow and thick lines to form barcodes

The use of this two-dimensional code was first seen in the industry by the US Railways in the 1960's.

Barcode plates were affixed to the front and back of the trains. 

From there, information was provided in the form of barcodes for the type, ownership and easy identification of the vehicle. 

And there was a trackside scanner for reading the code on these plates. 

However, it took many years for barcodes to become commercially available. 

The first commercial use of barcodes in packaging of Wrigley Chewing Gum was in 1974. 

Currently, in almost all supermarkets or shopping malls, automatic checkout is arranged using this barcode.

There can be no more straightforward, universal and low cost code than these codes for automatic data collection and identification. 

This is why barcode systems are so popular and widespread in the business world. 

What is a barcode scanner or barcode reader?

Whereas, barcode is the sum of parallel lines. And people do not have the ability to understand the meaning of these lines by looking at them in general. 

For that reason, the devices that are used to read or understand these barcodes are the barcode readers or scanners. 

These devices are also known as price scanners or point-of-sale scanners.

And, these devices have optical scanners. 

This scanner converts optical vibrations into electrical signals with the help of lenses and light sources. 

The black parts of these codes normally reflect less light and the white parts reflect more light. 

As a result, the scanners convert the light energy falling on top of the barcode into computer energy by converting it into electrical energy according to the degree of reflection of light. 

And that's exactly how we read barcode information with the help of scanners. 

There are various types of barcode scanners available for business. 

Some of the most popular scanners are Pen Wands, Slot Scanner, Charged Couple Device Scanner, Image Scanner and Laser Scanner. 

At this time, you can read the barcode from your smartphone. 

Also, there are various barcode reader applications so that you can read barcodes from your mobile. 

How does a barcode work? 

The patterns of lines and spaces that we see as barcodes are actually representations of a set of data, created in pre-established mathematical terms or algorithms or computer-understood languages. 

Whenever we scan those lines and spaces with the help of a scanner, we can read the information of those barcodes in our own intelligible language. 

Basically, this bar code is a set of symbols. In this digital age, e-commerce companies are increasingly using barcode systems. 

Using this system, these companies organize all the information about their products. 

When a buyer purchases a product from that barcode system, the product information is easily removed from the barcode system's own database.

As a result, these companies can easily keep accurate accounts of their products.

Types Of Barcode:

We mainly see two types of barcodes. These are -

1. One-dimensional or 1D barcode: 

These barcodes are made up of lines and spaces only.

These codes can only store information about the color, size and type of product. 

Basically these types of bar codes we see in the product packaging or in the universal product code.

Product packaging can be easily tracked from these codes. 

Different transport companies use these types of codes.

Basically, one-dimensional codes are found on domestic products such as creams, pens, oils and other products.

2. Two-dimensional or 2D barcode:

In general, two-dimensional barcodes tend to be much more complex than one-dimensional codes. 

These are capable of storing product information, product price, inventory levels, and other descriptions in addition to general information.

This type of barcode is known as QR or Quick Response Code.

Storage of QR codes can store up to 2000 characters.

How to create a barcode?

Creating bar codes is not a difficult task in today's world.

There are many barcode companies in the market now. 

Also, there are different types of barcode generating systems.

In addition, there are currently a variety of free barcode generators. 

You can easily create barcodes using these generators.

It is now possible to create barcodes even from a variety of online websites.

How does a barcode generator work?

Generator systems collect information in the form of strings when creating barcodes. 

These barcode machines then convert these strings into binary or mathematical terms. 

This is how we can store information through lines and spaces in codes.

And, there is no possibility of mistakes in these types of codes. 

And, if the barcoding is wrong, it cannot be scanned in any way.

So barcode is an error-free system.

Why is barcode used?

Since barcodes are never flawed. So, using this system, product description, price and other information is not wrong in any way. 

Customers from businesses can easily attach and read product information from this barcode system. 

These codes help protect buyers from unscrupulous traders.

Because no one else can ever change the price that companies set for their products using this code.

So buyers can get that product at its original price. 

Our last word,

This is the end of today's article about our barcodes.

Hopefully, after reading this article on what is bar code or what is means by barcode, your idea about barcode has become much clearer.

So, you must give your opinion through comments.

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