What is CPA Marketing? Profits and Examples of CPA Marketing 2022

CPA Marketing: The term marketing is more or less familiar to everyone. There are many types of marketing in the internet world.

What is CPA Marketing? Profits and Examples of CPA Marketing 2022

Digital marketing is widely used nowadays to promote any company, brand or product. And CPA Marketing can be called as a process or medium of this digital marketing.

CPA marketing is again considered as a part of affiliate marketing. Although the two are completely different. However, the CPA Marketing process is almost like Affiliate marketing. The topic of income has become quite popular nowadays with CPA marketing.

In today's article we will try to know more about what CPA Marketing is, its benefits or how to get started. But let's go back to the details.

What is CPA Marketing

CPA means " Cost Per Action ", which means you have to complete some small tasks in return for which you will get some commission.

In other words, CPA Marketing is a kind of advertisement model. That is a means of promoting any product or service. cpa marketing can also be considered as a type of business.

CPA marketing is a strategy of online marketing, where a company enlists the help of any 'Advertiser' or 'Publishers' to promote their own product or brand.

Here the company can assign any specific job, e.g. App Download, Form Fill up, Account Sign Up, Email Submission, Survey etc.

And as a publisher you need to get those tasks done by the traffic coming to your blog or website. In return you will get certain revenue.

For example, let's say Amazon has introduced a new app in the Playstore. All they need to do is start downloading and promoting the app.

Now the Amazon company has joined any CPA network or CPA Marketplace to promote their app and paid some amount for their promotion work.

Now as a CPA marketer you register in the CPA Marketplace, promoting that app through your own blog or website. In return for which you earned a certain amount of commission.

In this case, suppose you get $1 for a download of the app, so if you can download the app with 100 people through your campaign, then you get  $100.

And CPA marketing is a way to earn money by fulfilling small tasks. I hope I have been able to explain the whole cpa marketing process to you.


The Difference Between CPA & Affiliate Marketing:

Let me tell you at the outset, CPA Marketing is a part of affiliate marketing .

So what is affiliate marketing?

Suppose you choose a product of your choice from any one company. The product can be cosmetic, clothes, watch or anything.

You marketed or promoted any one product. Now when you see your marketing or promotion, when a buyer goes to your promoted link and buys that product, you will get some money as commission for that sale.

The point is, marketing doesn't get you any commissions, you only get commission when you sell that product. This whole process is called affiliate marketing system.

On the other hand, when it comes to CPA marketing, you don't have to sell or sell any product here. You can earn commission in return if you can only market any of the small tasks assigned to you by doing something else.

If the task undertaken is to download an app, then when someone goes to your marketing link and downloads that app, you will immediately get the specified revenue or dollars assigned to it.

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for cpa marketing

When you see the cpa offers in the cpa marketplace, you will notice that the CPL / PPL, CPS / PPS or Revenue Share offers will be written there.

An instruction will be given about the offer. Here CPL means 'Cost Per Lead' or PPL means 'Pay Per Lead', CPL and PPL are basically one thing.

And CPS means 'Cost Per Sale' or PPS means 'Pay Per Sale', CPS and PPS are the same.

Being a CPL or PPL, any small task you take from the cpa marketplace when you can do it through marketing will be called CPL / PPL, meaning your lead is coming through small work.

And the CPS / PPS offer is basically the same as the affiliate process. When you promote or market the offer, you will be able to earn a certain commission in return for the purchase of the product by visiting that link. Here you will get revenue in exchange for sale.

Now let's talk about Revenue Share.

What is Revenue Share?

Suppose a company launches one of their 'services'. Which you have to market.

If you are delivering or promoting the service of their company to the customer, then if someone buys the service through you, you will get revenue from it.

This means that when someone takes that service through your marketing, you will get 10% or 15% commission in return for that service. (% Of commission will depend on the service).

In this case, if the price of the service is ড 100, then you will get the commission imposed on it.

So what's the difference between REVENUE SHARE?

The difference is that when someone buys the service you get 10% commission, now if the service is valid for 1 year, then if the buyer renews the service after 1 year, you will get 10% commission again in exchange for renewing that service.

This way you will get revenue in return for as long as the buyer uses that service.

I hope you understand how cpa offers come to you.

Traffic or visitors

The most important part of cpa marketing is traffic or visitors. Now what is traffic or visitors?

Suppose you have a blog or a website where you publish regular content. Now, suppose 100 people come to your site daily to read your content. These 100 people are called traffic or visitors.

Just as traffic is the most important thing for a blog / website, so is traffic the most important thing for marketing. But why is traffic so important?

Suppose you have selected an offer of cpa marketing. Now you must market the offer. If there is no traffic then who will do the marketing or promotion?

This is why we have to generate traffic or visitors. You can get visitors in two ways, one is free visitor and the other is paid visitor.

what is Free Visitor?

Free visitors means you get visitors for free. This means that you can generate free traffic without any cost through some techniques.

How to get Free Visitor?

SEO: SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO is very important in attracting traffic or visitors.

When we search by typing something in the search engine, the first 10 results are shown in front of us. Have you ever wondered? Why is the site shown at number 10 not number one, and why the site number 1 is being shown at number 1?

The number 1 site has taken the first place by applying the SEO formula. Since he is number one, his site will definitely get more traffic than everyone else.

By doing proper SEO you can easily bring thousands to millions of traffic to your site. Today, the owners of various blogs / websites are able to bring visitors to their site only through SEO.

Social media: By social media we mean Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. You can get a lot of traffic from here by creating just one account on all these social media.

Because now people of all classes, big and small, are active in these social media.

Blog Posting: Blog posting means generating traffic by posting on the blog. Suppose "A" is a very popular blog website, on this site you get the opportunity to write an article.

In this case, suppose you write an article about hair dryer reviews. At the very end of the article you gave a short link, and wrote that you can buy the hair dryer by clicking on this link.

Now if someone buys your offer by clicking on that link from the traffic coming to the "A" website, then your CPA is definitely earning. This is basically the process of bringing free traffic by blogging.

So what is Paid Traffic?

When you are spending dollars on advertising or promoting your desired product for the purpose of bringing traffic then the traffic or visitors coming through that promotion will be called paid traffic.

How to get paid traffic?

There are many ways you can get paid traffic. This can be through PPC (Pay Per Click), PPV (Pay Per View), or Banner ads.

The key here is that you can promote your product in exchange for dollars.

Many people have misconceptions about doing cpa.

Suppose we choose an offer from any CPA network. The condition of the offer is that it must be marketed or promoted only in the US country. It cannot be promoted anywhere else.

In this case, many people think that you will complete the offer yourself with the help of VPN or VPS. In other words, go to your marketing link and fill the offer yourself for which you can earn commission.

This kind of thinking or this kind of mistake cannot be done at all. Suppose you take an offer to download an app to promote. Now you can download the app yourself with your promoted link by hiding your IP, instead of country location.

As a result of doing this you will not get any kind of dollars but your account will be banned. You will not be able to create an account in that marketplace even if you want to for the rest of your life. You will be blocked from that marketplace.

So in order to do CPA marketing, you have to complete the work in a very legal way. Here you will not be able to work with any kind of bad luck, but you will definitely get caught.

Because you are the one working in this marketplace, but there are countless more CPA marketers like you working there who are controlling the marketplace. Then of course they are smarter than you.

What are the benefits of CPA marketing?

You can easily earn money by CPA marketing compared to other marketing. It has many benefits.

If you have your own blog or website then cpa marketing can be very profitable for you. Because with the blog / website you can easily run the marketing work of cpa offer.

There are also many other benefits to the cpa sector. E.g.

In the case of CPA marketing, you will get a chance to earn good money by completing some small tasks or actions. Here you will find many types of offers, you can choose any one of your choice and market it. And cpa offers can be easily made by someone else. Here you can easily fill out small tasks like form fill up, app install, account sign up, registration, rate & review, survey.

You can earn income from here without any hassle of selling any kind of product in CPA.

In the case of CPA Marketing, there are many easy conversations.

There are many more benefits to CPA marketing. One thing here is, after registering any cpa network, choose any offer from there. Then work from the bottom of the list eliminating issues that aren't worth the fight.

And there are no barriers in this sector, anyone can start this work.

Some examples of CPA Marketing work:

Software, App or Extension Downloaded by someone else.

  • Completing the survey.
  • Sign up for any app or website.
  • More including filling up the form.

What do you need to do CPA marketing ?

Those who are doing affiliate marketing must know what is needed to do affiliate marketing. All that is needed for affiliate marketing is CPA marketing.


You need to have an email account.

A good CPA needs to be associated with the Marketplace.

First of all, you need to have a Blog, Website, Application, YouTube or any other social platform.

Your promotion needs to have a good amount of traffic or visitors. Because visitors are not the ones you will promote to.

Visitors to your desired blog, website or application should be interested in completing your action. You can do this with any content.

You have to give 4-5 hours every day.

If you want to work here, you need to have patience along with your time, then you can do something good.


How Much Money Does CPA Marketing Make?

How much money you can earn with CPA will depend entirely on your work. Thus, a professional cpa marketer can earn 40-50 thousand rupees per month or more.

In the beginning you may not be able to earn so much money. But gradually the better you do, the more your income will increase.

The amount of money here depends on how well you can do it. But still an idea I am giving you below.

CPA marketing earns an average of - 1- $ 5 dollars per day from each task or action. You can calculate it on average, because in the case of some actions it has less and again it has much more.

Now suppose you did a lot of marketing work in one day, but your action was completed 5 times.

Assume your average income by completing each action is $2 and your average daily action is 5. Then your monthly income will be: 

5 tasks × 2 dollars = 10 dollars (daily average daily income)

30 days × 10 dollars = 300 dollars.

If you spend an average of 4-5 hours a day working cpa then earning 25,000 rupees will not be too difficult.

First of all, the amount of income depends on you. How much time are you spending here and how is your work going? The better your creativity, the higher your income.

CPA Payment Method

It is better to start working by choosing an offer by adding it to any cpa network, but how will you get the money for the work?

Paypal, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, etc. are the payment methods in the CPA marketplaces. However, Payoneer Payment Method is more popular in Bangladesh.

My last word

Whether it's CPA marketing or any other marketing thing you should always keep in mind, keep yourself updated with everything. Because, marketing policy must change over time.

You will only be able to become a good CPA marketer when you can apply new techniques to your work. And for that you need to do more research, learn and know.

You may have learned how to do cpa from an institute or private tutor, but the institute you go to, or whoever you go to learn cpa, will not show you everything in pen.

To be successful on such a platform you need to show your creativity.

Now if the question comes to your mind that why should I learn cpa marketing? Simply put, to work on this platform you do not need to have much technical knowledge, just knowing the rules you can start working here.

It is much easier to work here than other income platforms. With enough time and a good mindset you can definitely do something good on this platform.

But in a brand new situation, knowing something from online and working directly in this sector, you will never be able to do it

So if you want to start cpa then generate good idea about it then come to this sector. So I'm finishing today so far, stay well, stay healthy.

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