What is VPN? How to use VPN on mobile and computer?

If you want to know what VPN is and how to use VPN to secure online data, safe transaction, block site access, today we will know in detail with the help of this post.

Who doesn't like internet? It delivers information, answers, entertainment to you in seconds, but there are some problems with the Internet that make you insecure online.

But with VPN you can make the Internet more secure and more private, so let's find out why VPN is an important tool to protect your privacy and the easiest way to set it up.

What is VPN? How to use VPN on mobile and computer?

The full form of VPN is "Virtual Private Network".


What is VPN?

VPN allows you to make a secure connection to any other network on the Internet. It is used to access blocked websites, to hide our browsing activity on public Wifi.

Simply put, a VPN connects your PC, smartphone, or tablet to another server on the Internet and allows you to browse the Internet using that server. You will be able to access things that you would not otherwise be able to do.

By sending your traffic and encrypting your data through special servers, the VPN hides your online activities and protects you from internet damage - from hacker attacks to data sales, identity theft, and much more.

For example: China has a Facebook ban, but Chinese residents can create a Facebook account using VPN.

Advantages of VPN

  • You can hide your real IP address using VPN
  • You can change the IP of your computer via VPN server
  • It encrypts and sends your data so that your data is protected even in public wifi
  • You can use the server of any country so that our location is hidden
  • Finding the best deals online in different countries

Disadvantaged of VPN

  • Most good VPNs are not free
  • Using VPN can reduce your internet speed
  • Free VPN services can misuse your data
  • This allows hackers to hide their identities

How to use VPN on computer?

There are many VPN softwares on the internet such as ExpressVPN, DotVPN, Hotspot Shield, Browsec VPN etc. but most of the good VPN services are paid. If you are using Windows 10 then you will get your default VPN option there.

Here I will tell you the whole process of using Browsec VPN. If you are a normal user then you can use free version of it.

Step 1. Go to Browsec, VPN official website and click on Install Browser for Free option. There is a browser extension. You can use Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft edge, ios.

Step 2. Now click on Add to Chrome option

Step 3. A popup will open in front of you. Click on Add Extension option

Step 4. Now click on Browser Extension icon and after clicking on On button below your VPN will be enabled.

Step 5. Here by default server Netherlands If you want to change server location then click on Change button

In the free version of Browsec you will get 4 virtual locations.

How to use VPN on mobile?

If you are a smart phone user then in the play store you will find many types of VPN app options. Here I will tell you about Windscribe mobile application. It is completely free and its interface is very simple.

Step 1. Install Windscribe VPN app

Step 2. Create a free account after opening the app

Step 3. Select the location and click on the connect option

Now VPN will be enabled on your mobile

Note: This application provides you 11 server locations in free account


VPNs are a must have for any internet user if they care about their privacy and security.

Data breaches, government offices, and cybercrime are now commonplace. You can be safe by using a good VPN.

Whatever you do online, I hope this post is VPN. It has been very helpful for you and after reading this post you have really liked it. If you like it then you must share this post with your friends and use VPN to keep your data safe in future. Thank you.

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