Precautions to be taken during pregnancy

The news of pregnancy is a happy moment not only for husband and wife but also for the whole family. This auspicious time brings the two families together. From the news of pregnancy to the birth of a child, the happiness of the family is doubled.

Precautions to be taken during pregnancy, Precautions to be taken fot pregnancy,

During pregnancy, any woman does everything to ensure that her baby is born healthy. Every woman's life changes completely after pregnancy. Her life became much more beautiful than before.

During pregnancy, it is important for you to take care of certain things, because a small negligence on your part can cause serious harm to you and your baby.

You should pay attention to your diet, what you eat and what you drink throughout the day. What you eat or drink is good or bad for you and your baby.

When do you sleep, when do you wake up? Do you exercise in the morning or not? If so, how long will you exercise? How long have you been sitting all day? It is important to take care of all these issues.

In addition to focusing on diet and lifestyle, you should see a doctor regularly. If you have any problems, you should talk to a doctor and get your pregnancy checked.

Today we will tell you about some important things that you should be aware of. You need to know what to do and what not to do.

Precautions to be taken during pregnancy
  • Drink at least three to four liters of water and one to two glasses of juice throughout the day. This will remove the toxins present in the body. If possible, drink coconut water once a week.
  • The problem of constipation increases during pregnancy, so proper digestion is very important. Try to keep more fiber in your diet. Because it does not cause gas or constipation.
  • During pregnancy, women should include green leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage and broccoli in their diet. The iron present in spinach eliminates anemia during pregnancy. In addition, beans and a variety of vegetables should be eaten. They are rich in fiber, protein, iron and calcium which are essential for pregnant women.
  • Milk, buttermilk, yogurt and ghee are essential for a pregnant woman. Protein and calcium are needed for the development of the baby during pregnancy. Therefore, women should include all dairy products in their diet.
  • Fresh fruits and fruit juices are very beneficial during pregnancy. Try to eat the juice of apple, watermelon, orange, pear. But some fruits like papaya, pineapple and grape should be avoided as their effect on the baby is very bad.
  • Dried fruits are very beneficial for pregnancy. You can include nuts, walnuts and cashews in your diet. They contain a variety of vitamins, calories, fiber and omega fatty acids, which are needed by both mother and baby.
  • Eggs are very nutritious. Eggs are rich in protein, choline , biotin, cholesterol, vitamin-D and antioxidants. Therefore it is very beneficial for pregnant women.
  • You can also include whole grains such as oats, brown rice and quinoa in your diet. They contain a lot of calories. It is beneficial for both the baby and the mother.
  • Only take pregnancy-related medications in exactly the amount your doctor tells you. Refrain from taking any kind of medicine as per your mind. Also, consult a doctor regularly.
  • If you prefer to eat more coffee, tea or chocolate, get rid of the thought of eating too much of these things during pregnancy. Excessive caffeine increases the risk of miscarriage. Therefore, do not consume all these things during pregnancy. Due to its continuous use, low birth weight problems are also seen in many cases. Therefore, it is best to avoid caffeine during pregnancy.
  • Although any type of intoxication is harmful to every human being, pregnant women should stay away from alcohol as well as other intoxicants. Drug addiction affects a child's physical and mental development. Due to which the baby is not able to develop fully and sometimes miscarriage occurs.
  • Papaya should be avoided during pregnancy. This is because a chemical has been found in ripe papaya, which can do a lot of harm to the fetus. So refrain from eating papaya during pregnancy.
  • Sprouts should not be used during pregnancy. This is because it contains bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli, which can cause food poisoning.
  • Eating raw meat should be avoided as its use increases the risk of miscarriage. Fruits and vegetables should not be used without washing.
  • Stretching brings flexibility to the body, which means you have less pain during delivery. In addition to softening the body, it also reduces your stress. Remember that after stretching, you need to apply pressure slowly on your body. If there is a lot of pressure on your body during any stretching or pain starts, then stop that stretching. You do not do any stretching by force. Doing so can cause problems for you and your baby.
  • Walking is very beneficial for the health of every person. Walking a short distance every day is considered to be a very good exercise for a pregnant woman. Walking keeps the blood circulating in the body and you stay fit. When walking, keep in mind that you are walking at a normal pace. Walking or running too fast can do more harm than good to you and your baby. So make sure you are walking comfortably.
  • Regular swimming during pregnancy is considered to be quite safe. There is no danger in this. This exercise is very beneficial for pregnant women and unborn baby. Because during pregnancy, it increases the body's ability to function during changes in a woman's body. Also, blood circulation is maintained. Swimming strengthens the muscles of the body which helps you to bear the pain during delivery. Regular swimming relieves fatigue and helps you sleep better. When swimming, one thing you need to take special care of and that is if you are going to swim for the first time, consult your doctor first. Maybe he will give you some good tips.
  • Kegel exercises are considered the best for women with UTI's problems. Because it helps to stop the flow of urine. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the body and especially the pelvic region and accelerates the blood circulation there. This exercise prepares the muscles of the pregnant woman for delivery, which is very beneficial for normal delivery. This exercise should be done at least ten times and each time for at least fifteen seconds.
  • Hypothyroidism increases the risk of miscarriage. Sometimes the fetus dies in the womb. In such a situation, you need to maintain a balanced diet to keep yourself and your baby safe. Also, consult your doctor regularly to check your pregnancy.
  • Talk to your doctor about sex routines. Although doctors recommend having sex only once a week for the first three months, doctors can change their sex routine according to their physical condition.
  • In the ninth month of pregnancy you need to be a little more careful. See your doctor from time to time during this time and follow the doctor's instructions. In addition to food, you should do some exercise, as it helps keep you and your baby healthy and makes delivery easier for you.
  • Keep in touch with your doctor regularly until your baby is born safely. Whenever you feel any discomfort or problem in your body, contact your doctor without delay. Follow your doctor's advice.

Last word

During pregnancy, you do not want to take any kind of risk. Also do what you can to keep yourself and your baby healthy and fit. Even after changing your lifestyle, you should see a doctor regularly to check your pregnancy.

If you feel excessive pressure or pain during any type of exercise during pregnancy, stop doing that exercise immediately. Do not force any exercise. Remember to have someone present with you whenever you exercise. Above all, be sure to consult your doctor and follow his / her instructions before making any exercise, diet or lifestyle changes. Refrain from doing anything like your own mind.

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