What is an eSIM card? How does eSIM work?

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What if you were told that from now on you don't need to insert SIM card separately in your mobile. A SIM card will already be installed inside the mobile. But initially the SIM will not have any number. Then you buy a SIM card from the store. But not a physical SIM card, there will be a QR code as the SIM card. By scanning the QR code, you can set the number of the SIM you bought in the SIM card already in your phone. That is, there is no problem of opening or installing the SIM card, just by scanning a QR code you can set the SIM card in your phone. This is exactly what is called eSIM.

Now you may have various questions about eSIM. So today's topic is arranged with answers to all your questions. With that the advantages and disadvantages of eSIM will be discussed in today's topic. So let's get to the main point.

What is the full form and meaning of eSIM (What is eSIM)?

The full form of eSIM is embedded-SIM. It is a small chip (Chip) which is attached to the motherboard of the mobile inside the mobile. The information contained in this chip is changeable, meaning you can change your SIM operator if you want.

History of eSIM (History of eSIM)?

The size of the SIM cards that existed in the world at the very beginning was equal to the size of the credit cards of the present time. And it had a maximum storage of 128 kilobytes. Then in 1996 mini sim card came in the market for the first time. When SIM card size was same as credit card size, Then users could not insert SIM from one mobile to another mobile at will. It became possible to install SIM card from one mobile to another mobile only after the arrival of mini SIM card. This issue of SIM card replacement revolutionized the history of SIM cards. Since then, the use of smartphones has increased tremendously and new features have been added to smartphones. In 2003, micro SIMs, smaller than mini SIM cards, came into the market to keep smartphones slim. Following that, Neno SIM which is smaller than Micro SIM card came in the market in 2012. Which we see in almost all smartphones nowadays. Then in 2016 came the desired eSIM which is 18% smaller than the Nano SIM card. eSIM was first implemented in a Samsung smartwatch in 2016.

How does eSIM work (How Does an eSIM Work)?

Generally you cannot use eSIM facility in all smartphones. It can be used only on smartphones or smartwatches that support eSIM. eSIM supported devices have a SIM chip embedded in them. When you buy a SIM card, there will be a QR code on the SIM card slot. By scanning the QR code, you can see the steps required to use the eSIM SIM according to your device model. To set up a new eSIM in your smartphone, you need to purchase a SIM card with biometric registration or replace any SIM you have purchased with an eSIM. Then turn on the Internet connection of your eSIM supported smartphone and scan the QR code provided with the SIM card. Then some steps will be shown on your smartphone, just follow them and the SIM will be set on your phone.

eSIM in Bangladesh:

On March 7, 2022, Grameenphone launched eSIM facility for the first time in Bangladesh. eSIM supported smartphone users can purchase a new eSIM from Grameenphone's online store or physical store to use their smartphone. Or can replace their current SIM with eSIM. And it is expected that other SIM operators will soon introduce Bangladesh eSIM facility.

Advantage of eSIM:

Compared to traditional SIM, eSIM has many advantages. First of all you no longer have to carry a physical SIM to use the SIM. And you can easily change your SIM operator by just scanning a QR code. Then comes the issue of eSIM size. The size of eSIM is much smaller than the size of traditional SIM. As a result, it can make the smartphone much slimmer. Apart from smartphones, there are smart devices such as smartwatches, in which it is very difficult to install a physical SIM. But if desired SIM can be used in these devices with the help of eSIM as the size of eSIM is very small. You may already know that the first eSIM implementation was in a smartwatch. Moreover, eSIM is environmentally friendly. Since no plastic SIM cards are being used, it is much better for the environment.

Disadvantage of eSIM:

Along with these advantages, eSIM also has some disadvantages. The main problem is that currently most of the smartphones do not support eSIM. So you can't use your eSIM on any smartphone. But, you can replace your eSIM with a physical SIM if you want.

Hopefully, today's article has answered most of the questions you have about eSIM. But, if you still want to know more about eSIM, then you can comment in the comment section of this article and visit our blog regularly to know about such new technology updates.

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