What is FaucetPay? Best site to earn bitcoins

Nowadays we all are aware of Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin. And many may know how to earn cryptocurrency or bitcoin. Today I am going to discuss about Cryptocurrency related website FaucetPay from where you can earn cryptocurrency and at the same time working on other websites you can use this site to take payment from those sites and later you can bring your earned cryptocurrency to your wallet. So let's get started.

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What is FaucetPay?

Today we will discuss about FaucetPay. FaucetPay is a website that provides multiple cryptocurrency wallets. Here you can receive payments from various websites that accept cryptocurrency without any extra fees. Almost all popular PTC sites support FaucetPay. That is, you can easily take payment from all those websites to your FaucetPay account.

FaucetPay Real or Fake?

Many people have the idea about PTC sites that they are fake or pay by work. Although FaucetPay is not a PTC site. Still many people may have the idea about FaucetPay that FaucetPay is real or fake. I can tell you that FaucetPay is 100% real site. I have been using FaucetPay for a long time. And if you want, you can check its reviews from the internet.

What is Faucet?

Faucet is a system where you can earn cryptocurrency by visiting various websites and completing various small tasks. You can complete these tasks in a certain period of time. Faucet sites usually pay instantly.

FaucetPay account opening rules?

Opening an account with FaucetPay is very easy. You can open an account on FaucetPay just like opening an account on any other website. Only one email address is required. There is no hassle of mobile number or NID card verification in FaucetPay.

First click on this link to open an account on FaucetPay . Then you will see a Sign Up button. Click there and you will see a registration form. After entering all the required information in the form and clicking on the sign up button, a verification code will be sent to your given email. Your account will be created by inputting that code on FaucetPay's website and submitting it.

What are the ways to earn from FaucetPay?

You can earn from FaucetPay in different ways. These include some of FaucetPay's own earning systems and some third party websites that work with cryptocurrency income that you can receive in your FaucetPay account without any fees.

FaucetPay's Own Earning System: HD Own Earning System includes PTC, Offerwall, Survey, Trading, Game Play etc.

PTC (PTC - Paid to Click): Many of you may know about PTC. FaucetPay PTC does the same. That is, every day you will be allowed to visit some websites and for visiting them you will be given some amount of Satoshi rewards which will be added directly to your account.

Offerwall: Offerwall will let you complete various tasks based on your device. After completing these tasks correctly, your account will be given a certain amount of Satoshi Rewards. Offerwall includes tasks like downloading games, installing various apps, participating in quizzes, answering questions. You can solve these tasks very easily with an Android smartphone.

Faucet: Faucet is one of the ways to earn from FaucetPay. I have already discussed Faucet. FaucetPay has numerous faucet sites from which you can earn almost all types of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc.

Games: FaucetPay website has a variety of games that require you to spend a certain amount of cryptocurrency to participate. Rewards will be added to your account if you win the game.

Third Party Websites: There are many third party websites that accept payments through FaucetPay. Basically you can earn a little bit better amount of income from all these websites compared to FaucetPay's own system. Two such popular payment websites with FaucetPay are discussed below.

adBTC: adBTC is a trusted PTC website. This is one of the top FaucetPay websites. You can withdraw only 1000 satoshi from this website to your FaucetPay account. Click on this link to open an account on adBTC .

CoinPayU: Another popular and trusted website to earn by viewing ads is CoinPayU. There are various options to earn on this site. Moreover, from this site you will get a guaranteed reward of 50 to 500 satoshi every month. You can withdraw only 1000 satoshi from this website to your FaucetPay account. Click on this link to open an account on CoinPayU.

Ways to bring money to BKash from FaucetPay? (For Bangladesh) 

You cannot bring money directly from FaucetPay to bkash. First you need to bring money from FaucetPay to your Coinbase wallet. Then you can bring money to bkash from Coinbase through the Dollar Exchange website. Here we tell you an important trick. To withdraw Bitcoin from FaucetPay to Coinbase you have to pay a fee of around 30 rupees which is quite high. So convert Bitcoin to Litecoin before withdrawing Bitcoin from FaucetPay to Coinbase. Withdrawal fee of Litecoin is only 1 Taka.

If you are from other country then you need to withdraw money through Coinbase account.

FaucetPay Payment Proof:

FaucetPay,Cryptocurrency, online income, bitcoin earn money, bitcoin earn money app, bitcoin earn money website, satoshi, satoshi nakamoto wallet

I have made several withdrawals from FaucetPay to my Coinbase wallet. Below is a screenshot of it.

Our Last Word

Hope from today's article you got to know more about FaucetPay and how to earn from FaucetPay and grow that money. If you want to know more about FaucetPay, you can comment in the comment section below. If our topics are good then definitely share with your friends and visit our blog regularly.

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